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Treasures of Norwegian houses

Snow is falling today. It is a good opportunity for reminisce about visits in Norwegian houses and for presenting a discovered treasures. First of all Norwegian houses are incredibly - so simple in form, usual, not pompous, sometimes reminding... huts! In the same time those houses are full of charm, a marvellous simplicity scented with a feeling of safety and a life fulfilment! In an each window we can see a lamp. I like this custom very much. At once I did think of lyrics: "The Mystic's dream" by Loreena Mckennitt: "Your lamp will call me home..."

In spite of one aesthetic moderation in interiors Norwegian not avoid small decorations. And they are right. It is hanged in windows. What we can find there? Clay cats painted in white, small horses, hearts, twigs and flowerpots with orchids. It is so nice to have a look into such houses and take a cup of hot chocolate chatting with a housekeeper. I invite you to watching Norwegian decorations...

And here I have found a true treasure! A horse as a handle of an old wooden mangle from 17th century! At once I reminded a book "Kristin, Lavrans daughter" by Sigrid Undset...

There is a detail of old 17th century mangle - Norwegian traditional motives sculptured in wood. 

And this is a mangle as wall decoration. What do you think of it?

In one a house in Amot I saw a small wooden chair covered by fur as decoration of hall.

And on the door of Kroderen house did welcome me... a doorknocker...


An old underlay for iron as decoration of kitchen wall in Norwegian house.

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