niedziela, 6 listopada 2016

Good morning, Norway!

Now came a time for the journey to a source of Scandinavian style. This is a time of a confrontation of my knowledge and imagination of „ice-cold design”. My journey to Norway was sudden, unexpected. I was looking into Norwegian interiors with a huge curiosity. But first I did pay attention to a architectural details and a decoration of a outside walls. On the photo below we can note reindeer's horns painted in white and hanging above a front door of a building. It's presenting beautifully on the background of red – a traditional colour of Norwegian houses. We can have horns from Sami – a people from North Norway. It reminds me a dark side of nature but a wildness, independence and raw of life too. And in my opinion, no more glorious design than a combination of those elements with contrasting decorations symbolizing a idyllic style of life! Of course, in proper proportions :)

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