sobota, 29 października 2016

Winter is coming! Hurray!

I like Winter indeed. Winter is for me like an expectation of a long magic story. We can decorate our home to make everything remind us of Winter. It is not only creating of an amazing atmosphere, an impression of space and fresh mood but it is introducing Winter nature into our interiors. What can be a Winter decoration? Cones, fur, bare twigs, fur caps, Finland folk gloves or... reindeer horns... I'm waiting for reindeer's horns which will "come" to my place from Norway! It is a glorious decoration to hang on a wall. Of course it should be painted white :) Let's imagine white reindeer's horns on a white smooth wall in an ordinary flat! Today I am presenting an idea where even boots can be used as decoration. Not usual ones but boots with fur in North folk style! It should suggest to us a land where people travel by sledge only.


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