sobota, 22 października 2016

My favourite style

Because of whiteness, which I love most, I like interiors in Scandinavian style and in eclectic style combining Scandinavian and Provence soul. In my eyes it is an ideal combination. In it I feel like a fish in the sea. In such an interior I feel freedom from each corner of the house, a forecast of future happiness and a feeling that nothing is lost in a life. It is like an endless Christmas time!

We can put a pinch of Orient style into this Scandinvian-Provence mix but about it later... I think whiteness creates a miracle out of every interior, even out of usual flat. For that, it is necessary to combine proper items in pairs. To put decorating cushions with animal portraits is an easiest way to create Scandinavian style. We can add white fur on a chest of drawers instead of a serviette.

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