sobota, 29 października 2016

Whiteness combined with gray

A good point of whiteness is an endless possibility of creating a colorful staging on a background of whiteness. Sometimes colorful elements are delicate decorations in an interior only. In this case the main role is definitely played by whiteness. Sometimes a different colour sets a tone so much that whiteness becomes a background only for a clear Indian or South European style. 
Today I propose experimenting with a combination of white and gray. An atmosphere of faraway Scandinavia is kept... And what element in grey enriches an interior? It is a scraf with a pattern called granny squares! Thanks to it the hall seems to be much higher than it is in reality. And this an example of perfect whiteness spiced up with a „warm”, woolly element. Smooth light walls are in contrast with the clear weave and the plaits of baskets.

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